Welcome to Barefoot Baby Wishes!

I’m so happy you’re here! You’re either interested in choosing books for your baby-to-be (congrats!) or you want to give the gift of story to a new baby on the way.  Either way, let me tell you a bit about this special place I’ve created.

Barefoot Baby Wishes is an opportunity for new parents (or more experienced ones too) to fill their child’s life with wonder, exploration, imagination, and creativity.

By making a wishlist, parents select from the beautiful books and items from my Barefoot Books Marketplace  and catalog that they would love to see in their children’s home library. The wishlist is my version of a traditional registry, but for Barefoot Books products only. Before the arrival of a baby or special event, guests have the option to purchase the carefully chosen items that parents are wishing for their     child(ren.)

Unlike traditional regisitries, purchases made with a Barefoot Baby Wishlist will help earn new parents free books with my Barefoot Baby Bucks. It’s  like giving a gift with a bonus attached!

Fear not, the wish lists do not pertain only to new parents! You can also create wishlists for other events, such as birthday parties,  preschool or Kindergarten graduations, even teachers can make them for school fundraisers. Whatever the occasion, I’m happy to help you!

If you’re here to create a wishlist, all the info you need is here.

If you’re here to give a gift, all the  info you need is here.


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